Road Transport

Road Transport

The global transport-logistic market has been developing quite actively in the recent years offering new solutions in this sphere and expanding the borders of the standard. However, International road transport still holds the first prize on the list of the most popular services. And this is not least surprising. Road transport is distinguished with its availability, quickness and reliability.

The Advantages of International Road Transport

One of the irrefutable advantages of road transport as compared with other types of transportation is the possibility to take the freight “from door to door” skipping reloading, economizing on loading works, storing the freight in warehouses.

Another advantage like the maneuvering capacity is also worth mentioning. You cannot move the train off the rails, however, in case of road transport, there is always the possibility to change the route in case of weather changes or under the condition of force-major in road transport.

Many clients who turn to transport companies and who choose road transport are attracted to the opportunity of ensuring transportation in small quantities reducing the transport costs and the delivery time.

9 reasons to choose Fairyland Logistics

  1. We are ready to get your freight to any point in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia, and Europe by road transport.  We have offices in Yerevan, St. Petersburg and Moscow.
  2. Our specialists are perfectly familiar with the peculiarities of the Under Caucasus region.
  3. The thorough examination of the routes gives us the chance to minimize costs and reduce the delivery time.

  4. We enjoy the trust of big importers and exporters of Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia.

  5. Due to the tracking of the whole process of the cargo transportation by advanced technologies we can guarantee the safety of your goods on the whole way. 

  6. Our staff is comprised of only specialists with long years of experience in the field of their research and is capable of overcoming challenges of any kind.

  7. We highly value our time and that’s why we ensure a non-stop work of the vehicles.  Contact us, if the goods were to have been delivered yesterday.

  8. All truck transportation is carried out in full compliance with the regulation. We have a whole package of documents defining the legal regulation of the truck road transport. We closely observe all the norms of the environment protection and control the use of the natural resources.

  9. We seek to make your cooperation with our company not only simply comfortable, but also maximum beneficial.  We are convinced that you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices of our services. You can never find another service of this kind at a lower price.