Refrigerated transportation

Refrigerated Transportation

One of the key trends of the activity of Fairyland Logistics is the refrigerated transportation on the territory of Russia, Armenia, Georgia.  The organization possesses its own park of specially equipped vehicles for the transportation of perishable goods. The presence of spacious refrigerated containers enables us to transport food products, perfume, pharmacological and other goods with strong temperature control to any part of the world fast and without any damages.


Peculiarities of delivery of goods by refrigerated containers  

An ordinary truck vehicle is equipped with a closed or tented body. Refrigerated trucks possess a hermetic section with thermal insulation which prevents the products and other goods from heating by the surrounding environment. It helps keep the products fresh for a long time.

Our transporting company actively works with the Under-Caucasus region. We own offices and highly qualified personnel who are perfectly aware of all the peculiarities of transportation in the territory of Armenia, Georgia and Russia.

We ensure a quick delivery of refrigerated freight. Our company organizes intermodal transportation of perishable goods and frozen products in special containers with a fixed temperature inside (from -25 to +25 Celsius). To learn about the preliminary costs of the services, please visit us at our site Costs Estimation.

International transportation by refrigerated containers

The clients of Fairyland Logistics have an opportunity to enjoy a service like transportation by refrigerated containers. The use of this type of transportation gives a chance to make the business more rentable. The delivery of the containers to the target is realized by specially equipped means of transport – a tow truck with a load platform.

One of the key advantages of transportation by containers is the relatively low cost of the service. Land and sea communication routes can be applied for this type of transportation. To transfer the refrigerated freight to the destination, railway, sea, car transport can be used.   

The current type of transportation enables the company to offer customers the most beneficial tariffs, as financial costs and temporary losses are minimized. Hence, if you decide to order transportation by containers, then you will not have to pay additional money to loaders. For instance, if the need arises to change the type of transport and move the freight from the car to the railroad container, it is simply necessary to reload the container with the help of a crane. Such a scheme is applied to maritime shipping.

Why is Fairyland Logistics your best business partner?

We have been forwarding vegetables, fruits and other products from Armenia and Georgia by refrigerated containers for such big retailers as Magnit. Our company is the official freight forwarder of Wine Group, Nestle, Baltika, Frito Lays, the leading importer of alcohol Moro OSJC and other firms to the Russian Federation. They have been our partners for many years already. Fairyland Logistics works in the regions and in the capital.

Our advantages are:

  • The trust of leading importers and exporters ;

  • A perfect client-oriented logistic service;

  • Freight shipping to a day;

  • A team of professionals;

  • A decade-old experience and  flawless reputation;

  • Adequate pricing for the services we offer

We have carefully and thoroughly examined the market of transportation services and we are more than convinced that we are needed. Orders can be made around the clock. Fairyland Logistics observes all the norms of the environment protection while planning and realizing its logistic decisions.  A strong control is exercised on the consumption of the natural resources. Due to the corporative system of teaching you will be served by highly-qualified staff members who are well aware of all the aspects of international logistics.