Heavyweight freight shipping

Heavyweight freight shipping

One of the specializations of Fairyland Logistics is heavyweight freight shipping. This includes transportation of bulky, multi-ton freight. Such operations call for special permission of the Federal Motor-Car service or of a similar local organ (depending on the category of the freight forwarding – local, inter-regional or international).

The notion of heavyweight freight shipping

Such freight shipping is carried out by а specialized car technique. The maximum volume of the freight that can be transported by roads can reach two hundred tons.

Heavyweight freight shipping supposes transportation of objects, whose volume together with the volume of the vehicle exceeds 38 tons. These can be:  

  • Technological equipment;

  • Construction techniques

  • Household devices;

  • Diverse metal constructions and separate metal products — pipes, channels, reservoirs, etc.

Heavyweight Freight Shipping Peculiarities

There are instructions regulating the transportation of multi-ton objects in different conditions. According to the current laws and rules of transportation, the following conditions should be observed.  

  • The transported goods must not cover the beacon (warning) lights of the car – bulky, U-turn signs, stop-signals, light reflectors.  

  • The transported goods must not hinder the normal movement of the heavy-hauler, must not reduce the visibility of the driver

  • The creation of an obstacle for the other participants of the road traffic is yet another restriction.

The experts of Fairyland Logistics will consider all the peculiarities of your freight and will choose a most optimal variant of transportation in compliance with the standing norms.

How we carry out heavyweight shipping

We take care of the documentation of the transportation of heavyweight freight ourselves. If the need arises, our employees will file an inquiry to the relevant government bodies. Since we have been engaged in this field for a long time, we do not experience any difficulty in obtaining a pass, we do not face delays.

Simultaneously, our service of logistics gets down to determine the route. The specialists of this department consider all the possible nuances. While determining the optimal scheme of route a great number of other factors are considered:

  • The shortest distance  is one of the basic factors which affects the final cost of the service;

  • The quality of the road, the presence and the number of tunnels, bridges, their characteristics, the place and configuration of  the lines of power transmission;

  • The number of  populated areas  and their road maps;

  • The weather forecast of a certain time period, etc.

In some cases, additional accompaniment of heavy-haulers is necessary. Sometimes it can be accomplished with the help of a transport company. In other cases there is a necessity to turn to the service of the traffic police.  

Fairyland Logistics Company can carry out heavyweight freight transportation for a most reasonable price. You can get acquainted with our tariffs and calculate the costs visiting the corresponding pages of this website.