Maritime Container Transport

Maritime Container Transport

Maritime Container transport is one of the most available means of transportation. Fairyland Logistics offers you its services by maritime transport at reasonable prices.  

Among the many options of cargo transportation one can distinguish maritime container transport as more reliable and beneficial. Sometimes Maritime Container Transport is the only available means.

The Advantages of Maritime Container Transport

Maritime container transport enjoys a number of benefits:

  • A reasonable price;

  • Maritime Container Transport rules allow transportation of various goods, including hazardous freight

  • The load capacity of a vessel allows it to transport heavyweight freight sometimes making Maritime Container Transport the only means of transportation available.

When carrying out different transport services by sea, various types of containers are used.  When selecting an appropriate option it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of the transported goods.  Generally 40 and 20 feet containers are used. Containers vary in their type. There are standard models, closed ones, ones with a platform, etc. Containers vary in their functions, as well.  

  • High carrying capacity

  • capaciousness

  • models -refrigerated;

  • containers with ventilation or without it.

There is a separate tariff for each type of a container. The freight will depend on the difficulty of the route, denomination of the freight and other details.

How we organize Maritime transport

When organizing the transportation process our company carries out the following operations:

  • a preliminary analysis and estimation of the costs of the logistics;

  • an appropriate type of container is chosen;

  • the choice of the ideal route and the mandatory procedure of insurance of the transported goods the safety of which is our responsibility;

  • preparation of the contract in conformity with international conventions;

  • loading and unloading of goods in the shortest possible time;

  • Freight forwarding  is included in the cost of the service;

  • Preparation of the accompanying documents;

  • Monitoring of the freight transportation along the way.