Groupage cargo transportation

Groupage cargo transportation

Fairyland Logistics helps its clients in the delivery of their goods. It helps those using the service of groupage cargo to economize on the delivery of their goods.

The characteristic features of the current type of transportation run as follows:

  • If the  cargo section of the given means of transport is not filled up,    there will be no need to pay for the delivery in full

  • One transport unit (motor-transport or a container) transports the goods of several senders;

  • There are no restrictions  on the minimum weight of the cargo;

  • The owner of the cargo pays for the weight transported.

The technology of mutually beneficial and balanced cooperation

The coherence of the work of the carrier and all those engaged in the process depends on the work of the manager of the transportation. The company organizes daily modular cargo transportation by the route Moscow-Yerevan via Voronezh, Rostov-na-Donu, Pyatigorsk, Vladikavkaz.

The peculiarities of the transport lie in the fact that companies may load up the route. The transport provided is licensed for domestic and foreign delivery of consolidated goods. The price of the delivery is conditioned by the following factors: the weight of the goods, the space occupied, distance, urgency, overload difficulties.


Why should you turn to Fairyland Logistics to deliver consolidated cargo

One of the strong arguments for the cooperation with the company is the fact the firm has been operating in the market of transport services for ten years. A net of offices for all the routes have been created, advanced technologies of interrelation have been elaborated between various participants of the transportation/ delivery. All this helps solve the problems which emerge in the process effectively and operatively.  

The company offers its clients not only transport, but also warehouse services with favorable conditions. The client can hand in the cargo without waiting for the completion of the documentation of the consignment to be delivered.

The cooperation with the professional team is the guarantee that the owner of the cargo can be sure of the quick delivery, information about the whereabouts of the cargo, beneficial and competitive conditions for cooperation.