Transportation of Hazardous Goods

Transportation of Hazardous Goods

The organization of the transportation of hazardous goods calls for the realization of all the rules of security techniques and precautionary measures. It is necessary to exploit only those transport means which can meet these goals and to receive permission for the transportation. Hazardous goods make up a the category of products whose transportation and storage may cause fire, damage to the cargo nearby, human disease through the contact with the product, skin burns, poisoning, explosions.  

The Diversity of Hazardous Goods and its Transportation Requirements

ADR categories include:

  • Condensed and liquefied gases;

  • poisons;

  • organic peroxides;

  • flammable hard substances;

  • flammable liquids

  • radioactive cargo;

  • explosive substances;

  • other hazardous  substances

In accordance with the security requirements, vehicle transport means engaged in cargo transportation must be equipped with special signs warning about the dangers. An information sign is an orange board with figures pointing to the class of the cargo. Besides, the means of transport must also be armed with other signs which warn people about dangers.

Safe Shipping of Hazardous Cargo

Fairyland Logistics offers its clients shipping of hazardous cargo of all classes. To ensure safe transportation our company is equipped with motor vehicle transport, as well as all the necessary equipment. Besides:

  • We are one of the few companies in the region (Armenia, Georgia) which enjoys a strong partnership net of transporters in Europe, Russia and Japan to organize the transportation of hazardous cargo.

  • Drivers regularly attend training courses and special qualification courses and get instructions. This helps make sure that only highly professional people are admitted to the field of transportation.

  • To organize the transportation of a given category of production, our specialists determine individual routes.

  • The whole delivery process is under a most careful control.  

  • Every driver in the state owns an ADR license which allows transporting a product of that kind.

  • The formation and the careful control over all the attached documents.

  • The estimation of the costs is based on the competitive tariffs.

  • Fairyland Logistics takes on the responsibility for delivery dates and cargo safety.

  • We carry out international ADR transportation only by car. We have a special permission and a license for all the types of delivery mentioned above.