Transportation of valuable freight

Transportation of Valuable Freight

The Caucasus is a unique region with its time-tested traditions. A successful cooperation with commercial companies in the region is based on the familiarity with these traditions and the implementation of the treaty commitments. Fairyland Logistics is a logistic company specialized in the transportation of valuable freight by cars in the Caucasian region, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The wide spectrum of opportunities and high guarantees of cargo safety attract a great number of clients from all regions.

Why Us?

After a decade-long active work in the sphere of logistics we have managed to select a team of professionals that is aware of all the nuances of the logistic operation on the home and foreign market. The company’s flawless reputation has enabled to establish a client-oriented business targeted at the defense of the interests of our partners and the safety of the freight along the way. The domestic and foreign commercial companies choose Fairyland Logistics for:

  • High-quality preparation of cargo. We carefully check, mark, pack the goods and carefully  fasten the valuable freight

  • Fast and safe routes – stops are made only in safe and controllable places

  • Guarantees for the transportation of the highly valuable freight

  • Transport preparation for the delivery: installment of the modern system of tracking and navigation. Reservation of truck corpuses is also possible in special cases.   

  • Full insurance of the cargo of all categories including armed escort.

How We Work

Fairyland Logistics has elaborated its own standards and evaluation of services. They state that a client should receive a rapid and safe transportation of the goods to the targeted point. Upon signing an agreement the total cost of the delivery must be agreed upon. The latter depends upon:

  • The type of the freight: its volume, value, fragility. The higher the parameters, the more expensive the delivery is;

  • The necessity of the protection of the freight, armed escort, special communication systems, transportation tracking by geo-location,

  • Length of the way, the presence (absence) if international borders on the route

  • Additional insurance of the freight; its declared price

  • The necessity to use non-standard package materials;

  • Special demands of the freight storage on the way (e.g. temperature compliance);

  • Loading and unloading challenges