Oversized Cargo Transportation

Oversized Cargo Transportation

Fairyland Logistics carries out oversized cargo transportation in Russia and the Caucasus. We shall deliver your cargo quickly and safely.

If you are interested in oversized cargo transportation, Fairyland Logistics is the right choice. The company is ready to carry out transportation of any non-standard objects. We can transport your cargo within the borders of Russia (any region), as well as to the neighboring countries, to the Caucasian countries (Armenia, Georgia). If you need to transport non-standard objects to the European countries our specialists are ready to consider that, too.

The Notion of Oversized Cargo Transport

According to the rules of road traffic oversized cargo transportation must be carried out by a means of transport whose size (with or without the load) does not exceed 2,55 m in width, 20 meters in length and 4 m in height from the carriageway.

Such cargo is considered non-standard and can obstacle traffic, cause inconveniences on a bridge, in a tunnel, etc. Among the oversized cargo, whose sizes allow their transportation on the road, may be included.

  • Special techniques for vehicles;

  • Construction, technological equipment;

  • Tanks for special purposes ;

  • Installation for drilling, etc.

The peculiarities of Oversized Cargo Transportation

To transport an oversized cargo by streets, it is necessary to obtain an agreement with the specific government structures.

There are rules for oversized cargo transportation which must not be ignored. They are defined in the corresponding instructions. The basic requirement of the given instruction is that the routes must be identified and confirmed by the authorized services.  

The optimal route is determined based on the following data:

  • The shortest length of the roads with reference to the quality of the road surface and other features

  • The number of bridges, tunnels, viaducts on the way and their characteristics, carrying capacity, the presence and height of the lines of power transmission.

  • Road conditions: weather forecast, renovation work, etc.

  • The scheme of the roundabouts in populated areas which needs to be crossed

In case of necessity the dispatcher of the transportation company can make use of the services of the traffic police of these populated areas. The traffic police will escort the vehicles and thus will help transport the non-standard goods across jurisdictional territory.

Why you should turn to Fairyland Logistics to order oversized cargo transportation.

Our organization takes on the burden of organizing the transport of oversized cargo. The client needs only to set assignments, sign the necessary documents and enjoy the result.

  • We work in conformity with the agreement which envisages the sanctions of the fine for the untimely delivery that is the reason why we are deeply interested in the full realization of the responsibilities we have taken on.   

  • Our prices are among the lowest.